A range of instruments to indicate whether a surface is level or plumb

A selection from our range of levels

  • Magnetic Torpedo Level - 230mm

    Magnetic Torpedo Level - 230mm

    Two rare earth magnets provide ultimate grip on metal surfaces - TL230

  • Digital level with Angle Finder -160mm

    Digital level with Angle Finder -160mm

    Find angles for roof pitching, staircases, plumbing and machine set-up - 002-EL20

  • Line Level

    Line Level

    This lightweight aluminum level has special hooks to hold line allowing the level to slide freely and a flat bottom for surface leveling - 42-287

  • Magnetic Level 1200mm

    Magnetic Level 1200mm

    Magnetic box level with epoxy shockproof vials provides side view for accurate read out, V-groove for pipes and curved surfaces

  • Engineers Level 200mm

    Engineers Level 200mm

    Moore & Wright Engineers Level 200mm features cast iron engineers level Vee base enables use on round sections Main, cross and plumb vials

Another fantastic Darwin family run business that you can rely on to sell great quality goods in a friendly manner. Great team. Great service. Well done.

Carlos Aberasturi


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